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nfc interactive packaging: connecting consumer with packaging

NFC interactive packagingThe world is getting smarter and so is packaging. Interactivity between the package and the consumer is the next avenue to build the romance between your brands and your customers.

Exciting technologies, such us Augmented Reality (AR) or Near-Field Communication (NFC), today enable even a humble carton box to entertain or inform the consumer in ways that are both magical and pragmatic. This connects the world of print to the online ether and is the missing link that completes a virtuous circle.

Always at the cutting edge of the industry, Netpak began developing NFC interactive packaging solutions as early as 2013 in order to meet a growing demand from its customers. Netpak encode our packaging and other printing material in order to open a permanent and lasting dialog between your brand and your customers. Our experts will help you along the process of adopting this new type of packaging which is poised to develop exponentially in the coming years.

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