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Emerging Talent: Seeking a New Breed of Problem Solvers

Our internship program is designed not only for you to gain valuable work experience with the opportunity to learn and grow, but to experience our culture full of diverse community connection, engagement, and respect.

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Our internship program attracts aspirational and talented graduates to help kick start and grow their career. Through hands-on experiences and direct training, interns are supported by a wide network of team members, mentors and managers to help guide their professional growth at Netpak. No matter the team, your contributions and innovative ideas are important to our continued success.

Core Values

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Netpak provides an engaging work environment where employees are encouraged to pursue innovative ideas, strengthen skills and gain valuable, diverse experiences that shape their career. We also believe our business actions are directed at all times by key values and principles such as customer-focus, people, innovation, technology, excellence and sustainability.

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Netpak’s philosophy revolves around our family-oriented culture and our customer focus. Placed at the heart of our enterprise, we continuously meet and exceed our customer’s expectations throughout the production cycle with the help of our most valuable resource: our people. Through a rich employee experience, we challenge, empower and appreciate our employees. We create a unique culture and work as a team, combining individual talent with experience and expertise to achieve one common goal: success.

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Steer the Future

We welcome and encourage creative thinking and innovation – each new challenge provides an opportunity to develop your career and shape the future of folding carton custom packaging. State-of-the-art technology combined with fresh, innovative packaging and printing solutions allows Netpak to maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. We unite diverse perspectives, supporting our employee’s individual growth to drive innovation, inspiration and creativity.

Pushing Beyond our Limits

Integral to our combined long-term success, we are committed to providing a workspace with processes for continuous improvement and learning. Our various certifications and business awards recognize just how much we constantly strive to be excellent in our industry. We embrace the responsibility the impact of our activities has on the environment, staff and consumers. We are repeatedly recognized for our efforts in sustainability and continuous process improvement.

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