Pure or Green: The battle between virgin and recycled board continues…

Pure or Green: The battle between virgin and recycled board continues…

There is a dilemma that needs to be resolved, a truth that needs to be uncovered. It has to do with virgin vs recycled paperboard. Before we uncover the facts between these types of materials, let us take a closer look at the concept of paperboard itself. Paperboard is a thick paper that is more rigid than the normal one. Because of this, it’s one of the main materials used for packaging. There are two types of paperboard that are popular: virgin and recycled. But what sets each one apart and makes it the one you choose?

Virgin vs Recycled Paperboard

Let us first delve into virgin paperboard. Virgin paperboard is made from fibers that are derived from pine, spruce, birch and eucalyptus trees. These fibers make this type of paperboard strong yet lightweight. The way they are processed allows for them to have not only a light hue but also a smooth surface. Some companies seek to give their product a luxurious, high-end look, with a sleek design to keep their branding on point. A strong material with elastic properties is then required to accomplish this, therefore calling on the virgin paperboard.

However, there is another side to this coin. What if brand presentation is not what your company focuses on, but rather the ethical usage of material instead?  Recycled paperboard is made from fibers that are derived from paper that is re-puled. The fibers therefore have a tendency to be weaker as they are over processed. Because the fibers are recycled, impure material, such as dyes or inks, can sometimes be found in this type of paperboard. However, the surface can be coated to hide these colors. Therefore, if you are looking for a material with an environmental impact, recycled paperboard is what you should consider.

It might be difficult to crown a winner in this battle between virgin and recycled paperboard, as it depends of the message you are trying to express about the brand through the packaging. And it doesn’t end there! There are several types of paperboard out there to choose from depending on what industry you are in. At Netpak, we have several options for you to choose from. We realize that it can get overwhelming to choose what is best for your product and that is why we can help advise you on the choice to make. It is important to note that we source the paperboard we use from global sources.

With the vision in mind for your brand and the knowledge on the types of paperboard available for you, there is no winner or loser in this battle between the yin and yang of the paper industry. It’s a tie!

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