Double Locked Wall with Lid (Pizza Box)

Pizza Boxes: You Order, We Deliver. Simple

It’s a fact that in the restaurant industry, diners taste with their taste buds, but it’s with their eyes that they work up an appetite. What an ecstasy it is to open a hot pizza box and watch that smoke filled odor waft through your sense of smell. Didn’t you know that once is devoured, that pizza box has an integral role in your brand? Customers will subconsciously associate this box with your company. This pizza box plays a strategic role!

Customizable Cardboard Pizza Boxes

Our pizza boxes are made from resources that are sustainable for present and future generations. Operating responsibly is essential to the way we run our business. Our commitment to sustainability and our certifications underpin our long-term vision to continue to be the leader in printed folding cartons. Our pizza boxes are used to store and ship hot pizzas.The pizza boxes are made of paperboard packaging that is marketed in several different qualities, each with its own characteristics adapted to different packaging requirements. Made of solid or folded cardboard, they withstand high temperatures and insulate the pizza so it retains maximum heat.

Transcending your Brand

We recognize how important packaging is to our customers and that’s why we’ve built our services and expertise around the most common issues they face in pursuing their brand mission. Netpak has made it easy for companies to get the pizza box packaging they need, by bringing together the entire packaging industry and providing expert service and customer support when they need it. We constantly strive to innovate in order to provide the best product for our customers

Ideal for take-out and restaurants, our square and rectangular pizza boxes are available in a range of standard sizes. For marketing promotions, we can also design custom-shaped boxes, such as hexagonal and octagonal boxes, or incorporate special cutouts to hold sauces or other food accompaniments. We also have the printing expertise to meet all your design needs. Fully customizable, order your pizza boxes that will reflect and reinforce your brand image with our specialized team. Our services are able to bring your project to life with expert cardboard printing, coating and new systems technologies. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their products are realized and supported by exceptional quality and structural design resources. Customers are waiting for their pizza, what are you waiting for? Use our services and you’ll notice that our speed of production stands out from the competition. All our pizza box projects are turnkey and ready to use.

Put Us to the Test!

Our dedication to continuous improvement allows us to consistently provide high quality packaging while offering the highest guarantees of safety and traceability.

By adhering to rigorous production and quality control standards and protocols, we ensure results that meet and exceed your needs to preserve your product, your brand and your reputation.

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