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Bag-in-box: The sustainable packaging solution

Bag-in-Box is a trending packaging solution with an estimated growth over 8% for some segments. It is particularly suitable for the wine industry but also for juices, cooking oil and household products. Its main characteristics are volume efficiency (and hence a lower footprint) and oxygen and light barriers (for longer product preservation after opening). The boxes can be made out of F-flute, N-Flute or Solidboard and printing and finishing creative options are endless.

At Netpak, innovation has been at the center of the growth strategy. Netpak has developed an innovative process to be among the very few to allow direct offset printing on micro-flute (N-flute and F-flute). The result is outstanding and brings about a definitely much more cost effective solution than printing on paper and then laminating on corrugated board.

We also developed recently a partnership with Cascade to launch Bag-in-Box containers made of 43 points solidboard for one major wine producer. Our R&D department had to overcome quite a few technical challenges at almost every step of the production. The first challenge was to print on such a thick board at a reasonable speed. Then, we had to develop new processes to allow a high quality diecut and creasing. Finally, the folding and gluing production steps required special attention to maintain high quality standards along with low production costs.

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