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At Netpak excellence defines us

With an unparalleled team, cutting-edge technology, and unmatched customer service, we proudly stand as Quebec’s premier privately owned packaging design and printing company.
Employing the latest technology and a team of seasoned experts, we offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions.Our industry certifications bolster our reputation as a reliable ally for top North American brands.
Count on Netpak to not only meet but surpass your expectations!
What we offer
Collaborative Partnership
Our growth thrives on our customers. That’s why surpassing expectations is ingrained in our business’s core.
What we offer
Commitment to Quality
Pursuing excellence in all our endeavors, as we firmly believe that ongoing learning fuels continuous enhancement.
What we offer
Advanced technology
Empowered by advanced technology, we gain a competitive advantage in the market, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Our Advantages

Efficient production
We are renowned for its ability to meet demanding production schedules and deliver streamlined manufacturing processes.
Customer focused
At Netpak, our priority is our customers. Allow our industry-leading experts to guide you and offer creative direction, ensuring a seamless journey from design inception to the final perfected product.
Technical Expertise
At Netpak, customer satisfaction takes precedence. Let our pioneering industry experts lead you, providing creative guidance throughout the design process, culminating in a flawless final product.

Our unwavering dedication to enhancing our processes enables us to deliver top-tier packaging, fortified by impeccable safety and traceability assurances. Our steadfast commitment to exceeding expectations is demonstrated through rigorous adherence to certification standards and protocols.

Netpak is a staunch advocate for corporate responsibility, championing environmentally-conscious processes across our packaging spectrum. We embrace our role in environmental impact, curbing energy consumption, optimizing material utilization, and bolstering recycling efforts. This approach has garnered industry recognition and solidified respect from our communities, clients, and team members.

What we offer

Pushing the limits of design and technology

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