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Our team, technology and customer service are second to none. We’re the largest privately owned packaging design and printing company in Quebec. We use the latest technology and rely on a highly qualified team to provide end-to-end service. Backed by our industry certifications, we’re a trusted partner of several major North American brands. At Netpak, we want to exceed your expectations!
We grow through our customers. That’s why meeting and exceeding their expectations is at the heart of our business.
We strive for excellence in everything we do because we believe continuous improvement comes through learning.
State-of-the-art technology
Our cutting-edge technology gives us a competitive edge in the market while improving our customer experience.


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Efficient production
Netpak is known for meeting tight production deadlines and providing efficient production.
Customer focused
At Netpak, we focus on our customers. Let our industry experts provide guidance and creative direction from the design phase to the finished product.
Large company
Netpak is Quebec’s largest privately owned manufacturer of printed folding boxes.

At Netpak, our commitment to continuously improving our processes allows us to ensure high-quality packaging while offering the best safety and traceability guarantees. We proudly adhere to strict certification standards and protocols to exceed your expectations!

Netpak strongly believes in the importance of corporate responsibility, which is why we favour environmentally responsible processes for all our packaging. We accept our responsibility for the impact our activities have on the environment. By reducing energy and materials used and optimizing recycling, we have gained industry recognition and respect from our communities, customers and staff.

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