Corrugated Boxes vs Netpak’s Micro-flute

Corrugated Boxes vs Netpak’s Micro-flute

Corrugated Boxes vs Netpak’s Micro-flute

The term “Corrugated box” generally conjures up images of boring, brown moving boxes. What many don’t realize is that Micro-flute, which is a type of corrugated board, is not only customizable, it also a sustainable packaging option!

What is fluting?

There are many different types of micro-flute that are gaining more interest from packaging companies due to their versatility and durability.

Fluting consists of strengthening the part of corrugated carton that brings stacking ability and durability to your box. They are differentiated by the type of liner (the surface sheet) and the flute type (the wavy part). Flute types are defined by their thickness and the number of flutes per lineal foot.

Packaging weight is greatly affected by the flute since the flute requires less paper (typically known as the take-up). Protection and insulation for the product increases using thicker flutes (this is commonly referred to as the crash zone). The number of flutes per lineal foot will directly impact the resistance to crash, the structural rigidity of the box, the accuracy of the folding operations and the printability.

The benefits of micro-flute include:

  • Reduced fiber consumption
  • Lighter yet durable and secure packaging
  • Reduced need for warehousing and transportation

Printing on Micro-flute

There was a time where printing on corrugated board or micro-flute was a very complex, costly and lengthy process, as it required printing on paper or film and laminating it on the flute board.

However, Netpak has developed an innovative packaging solution that allows direct printing onto Micro-flute. Netpak is also capable of applying numerous types of enhanced printing and graphics options, making this type of packaging ideal for branding purposes (due to its sustainable properties and high degree of customization). Learn more about our printing options to discover how you can enhance the look and feel of your packaging.

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