Discovering Essential Types of Paper in the Packaging Industry: The Complete Guide for Canada and the United States

Packaging plays a crucial role in product presentation, protection, and information transmission. At the heart of every package lies the choice of paper—a pivotal decision for manufacturers and designers alike. Let’s delve into the various types of paper used in the packaging industry in Canada and the United States, pivotal in creating effective and appealing packaging solutions.

1. Kraft Paperboard

Kraft paperboard, sturdy and resilient, stands as a popular choice for food packaging, shipping boxes, and gift wrapping. Its natural texture and durability make it a favored eco-friendly and robust option.

2. Corrugated Board

Corrugated board offers superior protection through its layered corrugation, ideal for shipping and storage purposes. It comes in different grades tailored to the specific needs of industries.

3. Coated Paper

Coated paper is prized for its smooth finish and ability to host high-quality prints. Often used for labels, premium product packaging, and promotional brochures, it exudes quality and elegance.

4. Recycled Paper

With a growing emphasis on sustainability, recycled paper is gaining popularity. Crafted from recycled materials, it offers an eco-conscious option for various packaging needs while retaining quality properties.

5. Metallic Paper

For striking visual impact, metallic paper finds its place in packaging requiring a touch of sophistication. It offers shine and reflection, ideal for cosmetics, gifting, and high-end products.

6. Parchment Paper

Parchment paper is commonly used in food packaging due to its non-stick properties and resistance to heat. It’s frequently employed in food wraps and envelopes.


Paper selection in the packaging industry is a critical decision, influencing aesthetics, product protection, and environmental footprint. Manufacturers need to consider specific product and consumer needs while considering eco-friendly options for sustainable and appealing packaging solutions.

Be it for shipping, in-store presentation, or product protection, each type of paper plays a vital role in the modern art of packaging.

For further insights on paper types and their applications in the packaging industry, feel free to reach out. We’re here to address your queries and assist in selecting the best paper for your packaging needs.

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