Dual ovenable boards for catering and food service

Dual ovenable boards for catering and food service

Major board manufacturers have brought to the market dual ovenable boards that can replace plastic or aluminium to produce ovenable food containers and folding cartons. Dual ovenable boards can be used with wether a conventionnal or a micro wave oven.

Ovenable folding cartons and boxes are used for instance in the in-flight catering industry where a single container should be used from freezer to oven and serving more more efficiency. Using ovenable board allows airlines carriers to benefit from the outstanding printing properties of coated board for esthetics matters and branding purposes.

Ovenable boards base stock are whether made of SBS (Westrock, International Paper) or FBB (Stora Enso) and is then coated with polyester that can handle heat from conventional and micro-wave ovens. Different grades of boards are available. Differences in features come mainly from the moisture resistance, the ability to be formed and the release performance.

ovenable boards table

A baking tray made of dual ovenable board will eliminate the need to repack from pan to retail carton but should be adapted to the moisture level of the batter and should propose exceptional release properties. Boxes for food service and catering will focus more in printing and folding features, since release properties are not essential.

The main boards are : Printkote PET, Prinkote Ovenable and Printkote Release by Westrock, Fortress PET by International Paper, Trayforma PET by Stora Enso.

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