Follow the Green Brick Road to Sustainable Packaging

Follow the Green Brick Road to Sustainable Packaging

“Going green” is an expression that seems to be everywhere. As the environmental landscape is changing, people are becoming more conscious of the choices they make and how these options have a long-term impact on the environment. However, it’s not only about going green anymore. It’s about staying green, especially in the packaging industry.

Sustainable packaging: what is it?

Packaging usually involves quite a bit of waste and that’s why more businesses are looking for an eco-friendly alternative. Sustainable packaging might sound like an oxymoron, but it refers to the creation and use of packaging that improves sustainability. Its life cycle is thoroughly assessed from beginning to end to ensure that every step of the process involves sustainable procedures. From the source of the material being used, to the procedures and technology used to manufacture it, the aim is to decrease the impact that waste has on the environment and reduce ecological footprint. These proactive initiatives trickle down the chain and affect both the consumer and the product itself.

Sustainable packaging and the consumer

Consumers’ shopping habits are evolving. Once quality and affordability were the only criteria that mattered, now sustainable packaging plays a big role in the consumer’s purchasing decision. They have become more conscious of the waste process and are even willing to pay extra for a product that has a positive impact on the environment. Industries across the board, such as food, cosmetics and even clothing, have therefore had to listen to the consumer’s needs. It has been recently shown that sustainable packaging has become one of the main purchasing drivers. All this has therefore forced companies and businesses to re-evaluate their packaging strategies. They not only have to take into account cost and convenience, but also incorporate their customers’ values into their own business model. This ongoing approach will set your company apart in a competitive market.

Sustainable packaging and the product

So how should you as a company begin to look at this sustainability concept and adapt it to your product? There are 4 facets to consider:

  1. What materials are used;
  2. How are they produced;
  3. How is the product shipped;
  4. How the materials are disposed by the consumer.

Using paper instead of plastic would be the first step in the right direction. Paper is made from fibers that can easily be recycled. You can even use plant-based packaging as this has become very popular in the last few years.

Look for a packaging company like Netpak that uses sustainable materials every day and makes environmentally friendly choices from the beginning to the end of the packaging lifecycle.

Try to ship products in packages that are not too big, where a lot of void fill is required. Opting for materials that are sized to fit would be best.

Make sure your product is recyclable or reusable and share that information with the consumer.

Sustainable packaging: stamp of approval

As we move towards a more environmentally conscious tomorrow, we will have to make crucial packaging changes and opt towards long term sustainability. Luckily, there are several options to choose from when it comes to your product. Netpak operates responsibly as it shares the same values as its customers when it comes to the environment. Its continuous commitment to sustainability and its certifications allows it to pave the road towards a greener future. Learn more about Netpak’s eco-friendly designations here.

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