Gloss, Matte and Soft-touch Lamination In Packaging

Gloss, Matte and Soft-touch Lamination In Packaging

You’ve decided on the type of product packaging that’s best suited for your product. You’ve also chosen the type of carton that fits right in with your brand’s core values and marketing objectives. As you move onto the finishing steps for your project, you’ve decided on applying enhanced printing options to add brilliance and sheen! One of the most sough after effects in enhanced printing is film lamination. In this article, we explore the different types of film laminations and how Netpak can help you select the best-suited one for your project.

What is Film Lamination?

Gloss, Matte and Soft-touch Lamination In PackagingFilm lamination can enhance your packaging by providing it a luxurious finishing touch, but by also reinforcing the paperboard and extending its life cycle. Perfect for various types of packaging, including food contact packaging, the lamination process applies a clear plastic film to printed pieces. It not only adds protection, but also strengthens your product’s packaging. Additionally, it can improve the printing performance and it can stretch and flex, contrary to other coatings such as liquid coatings.

There are various types of film laminations, however the most common Gloss Lamination, Matte Lamination and Soft-touch Lamination.

In the packaging process, selecting the proper film lamination is just as important as selecting the proper packaging material for your product. Luckily for you, Netpak is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to apply these different types of laminations and our team of experts will assist you in selecting and evaluating lamination options for your packaging.

Gloss Lamination

Gloss, Matte and Soft-touch Lamination In PackagingGloss Lamination is a common application that uses a clear and lustrous film to enrich printing. This lamination can make your packaging stand out by giving a richer depth of color, which in turn intensifies your color scheme and also provides better image contrast. If you want to portray a clean look and draw attention to your packaging, gloss lamination is the way to go! It is also often used to add an embossed texture to minimize fingerprint smudges, scratches or to prevent deterioration of the finish.

Matte Lamination

Gloss, Matte and Soft-touch Lamination In PackagingMatte Lamination offers a subtler finish. It is non-reflective and reduces color shifts, therefore remaining more faithful to the colors you’ve chosen for your product’s packaging, rather than enhancing or intensifying it. Matte Lamination is also scratch-resistant and can eliminate the appearance of fingerprints. This type of lamination is general more durable and can help give your product a more elegant feel.

Soft-Touch Lamination

Soft-Touch Lamination gives your product packaging a velvety, brushed hand-feel and a smooth and silky appearance. A soft-touch lamination, unlike gloss or matte lamination, gives a feeling of depth

and offers distinction by stimulating the sense of touch. This tactile-appearance will help you create a luxurious and refined look; the perfect choice for a luxury brand. Just as with Matte Lamination, it will offer a subtle surface with little-to-no sheen. Soft-touch lamination will definitely get your packaging noticed and generally elicits a positive response due to its unexpected and unique feel.

Whether you’re looking to give your product’s packaging a luxurious finish, with soft-touch lamination, or intensify its colors with a glossy finish, or even scratch-resistance with a matte finish, Netpak and its experts are where you can find the best options for your product to stand out on the market. Take a look at all the enhanced printing options available here.

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