gmi certification for litho/offset packaging

gmi certification for litho/offset packaging

Packaging printers understand certification. Many regularly undergo audits in food and pharmaceutical safety, product security, and other areas where their clients want documented proof that the highest standards of performance are in place. These printers know that earning and keeping the credentials is a prerequisite for doing business with brand-owning producers of consumer packaged goods.

Netpak Packaging, the leading innovator in food, pharma and beauty packaging, is proud to be among the first Canadian printing and packaging manufacturer to earn GMI (Graphic Measures International) Certification following an in-depth review of manufacturing processes and controls spanning the plant’s entire production chain.

Brand owners and retailing giants such as Target, Walgreens Lowe’s and Best Buy use the program to ensure that their packaging printers have process controls in place for strict color fidelity and consistent print quality. The GMI full Certification guarantees that the final packaging will meet the highest standards of quality, thereby safeguarding the brand integrity. About 800 printers around the world hold the distinction, including roughly 250 in the U.S.

The process to earn this achievement involved on-site evaluations by a GMI auditor of Netpak’s entire printing operation for lithography. “During the certification process our skilled team members were able to demonstrate that the processes we execute and tools we utilize for pre-press, platemaking, press production and post-press result in a high-quality printed product,” said Eric Bouchard, Netpak’s Operation Manager.

By adhering to these tight guidelines, Netpak Packaging is able to ensure consistent color quality within a production run and on re-orders of the same item. They also apply these guidelines when a customer has multiple items in a production run and need to have consistent color from item to item.

“Receiving the GMI certification validates that Netpak’s litho/offset printing processes and capabilities provide our customers with the color accuracy and consistency needed for printing their critical brand color. Through transparency, accountability, performance measurement and compliance, Netpak customers are assured that quality and food safety standards are in place,” said Islem Yezza, Director of Sales and Marketing for Netpak Packaging.

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