gmi full certification renewed – walgreen preferred printer

gmi full certification renewed – walgreen preferred printer

Netpak’s GMI full certification has been extended for another 2 years and allows us to be part of Wallgreens preferred printer program. An onsite audit has been conducted by a GMI certification engineer in October 2016 to evaluate 5 key components:  process control and documentation, equipment maintenance, training procedures, operator capability and equipment performance. The print test measured Netpak’s ability to match spot colors and hence Netpak’s ability to ensures compliance with brand standards.

Research conducted by Package InSight has shown that “two-thirds of consumers question a potential purchase, and the quality of a product, if the packaging is damaged or discolored. And 25 percent of brand-loyal shoppers perceive products in damaged packaging to be questionable or unappetizing. With upwards of 73 percent of purchase decisions being made at the point of sale, brand owners can’t afford not to consider and implement quality practices to ensure the creative vision and brand standards are carried out consistently.”

Therefore, Walgreens and Target have included the GMI Certification in their preferred printer selection process, and Netpak is proudly part of the program since 2014.

“ Netpak have always set very high quality standards to serve the valuable brands of our partners and the GMI Full certification comes as an acknowledgment of the quality of our staff, the strength of our procedures and the rigor of our production processes” said Islem Yezza, Vice-President Sales & Marketing.

Numerous brands have chosen Netpak because of its certifications (GMI, BRC, G7 Master, FSC, ISO 9001, PEFC) and memberships to the most important preferred printer programs (Walgreens, Target, Walmart, Tesco, Trader Joe,  Costco, Metro, Trader Joe’s) that offers a privileged access the major grocery distribution networks in North America.

GMI Full certification combined with BRC Certification (click here for more information) and the 2 key standards for packaging printing quality and food safety.

Do not hesitate to contact us (netpak@netpak.com) in order to discuss potential collaboration opportunities, and solutions that we can bring to you.