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How Enhanced Printing Can Help Drive Sales at the Storefront

How Enhanced Printing Can Help Drive Sales at the Storefront

Surface treatments on folding carton packaging are now a big trend and some of the most successful companies in the world have seen their sales skyrocket by changing their packaging to include these sleek printing options. The enhanced style of printing adds depth to a regular folded carton or that flash of brilliance that will make your product stand out from the competition. At Netpak, let our team of experts guide you to transform your packaging into a visual masterpiece through the use of our wide selection of enhanced printing options.

Shelf Appeal

Enhanced printing will add a new dynamic to the basic folded carton and helps to ensure that your product has great shelf appeal at the storefront. For instance, metallic ink can help your carton reflect the bright lighting that you see in pharmacies or grocery stores to attract a client’s eye. What about hot stamping your logo in shiny gold on a gorgeous black box featuring a soft-touch lamination? Netpak can guide you through creating clean, yet visually appealing packaging solutions so your overall design is striking and bold and gives your product some serious shelf appeal, increasing perceived quality often resulting in the ability of selling the product at a higher retail price.

A Texture to Make a Customer Stop

Did you know that the texture of a box can help drive sales? We are all guilty of running our hand across the packaging on a store shelf when our eye captures a cool texture. With Netpak’s premium printing solutions, you can add many types of textures to your packaging, including varnishes and effects.  Some types of varnish will even give off a velvety feel that plays to your tactile senses. Known as “Soft Touch”, this kind of texture allows a consumer to feel the difference between the quality of your brand’s folding carton packaging versus the boring regular carton sitting next to it on the shelf. Capturing your client’s eye with cool feelings and textures will help drive your sales and ensure your product moves off the shelf!

What About Embossing?

If you are looking for a product that speaks to quality and to the more exceptional things in life, chances are you are going to pick the embossed carton over the plain one. We see this in alcohol packaging all the time, for instance. Scotch companies have started to use embossing printed cartons for scotch and whiskey to differentiate and class up that option tactilely. In comparison, cheaper whiskeys opt for regular cartons as they are not looking to sell to the clientele who is looking for that luxurious, smooth scotch. Netpak has quickly become one of the top producers of embossed cartons, and our work in the area for food and beverage clients has become one of our specialities.

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