How Packaging Design has an Influence on Consumers and Buying Behaviours

How Packaging Design has an Influence on Consumers and Buying Behaviours

Did you know that the packaging design you choose or create for your product has an impact on consumers and their buying behaviour? Knowing consumer shopping behaviors is a major advantage when starting the design process. Here are the key factors in folding carton packaging that influence consumer and buying behaviours.

Less is more

Design trends are moving towards minimalism. Websites, interior design, and many more industries are heading towards packaging design that follows the minimalism trend. Packaging that is too busy can influence the buyer into looking for alternative products with more simple and sleek packaging. Our team of experts at Netpak is able to help you give your product a luxurious look and also be cost-effective throughout the process. In terms of packaging design, why not consider using microflute paperboard to achieve this style, instead of the classic white paperboard? It is an eco-friendly, cost-effective solution that we recommend to achieve minimalistic packaging requirements. Take a look at the different types of paperboard Netpak offers to create the perfect custom packaging for your product.

Perceived Quality and Sustainability

The quality of the product should be reflected in its packaging. It’s important for consumers to feel that they’re getting a good quality product just by the perception the packaging achieves. Additionally, the environmental impact of product packaging is a key component in today’s consumer behaviour. We live in a world experiencing many changes and moving towards a more sustainable way of life

It is important for the consumers to know they’re buying a product in line with their values of sustainability. For example, consider the major shift towards paper-based packaging over environmentally-harmful plastic packaging. Low environmental-impact packaging is more interesting and eye-catching to today’s consumer than it was several years ago. That is why Netpak is innovating and has obtained global eco-responsible certifications to be at the forefront of sustainability in the packaging industry. Find out how sustainability is at the core of Netpak’s values and operations and about our many sustainable designations here.


Innovative and practical turn-key solutions will also influence the consumer’s buying behaviour. At Netpak, we believe the more your packaging stands out, the more it will resonate with your customers. We are constantly researching and improving the way we operate. Our processes and procedures are greatly inspired by the very latest in European trends and we further our innovative advances and state-of-the-art technology in accordance with their standards. As folding carton specialists, we can help you find practical yet innovative solutions to package your product in order to attract your target market and influence a broad range of consumers.

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