How to choose the right coating or lamination for your packaging

How to choose the right coating or lamination for your packaging

The folding carton and printing industry is flooded with coating and lamination options. These print coatings can help your packaging stand out from its competition by providing a unique texture, making them more durable and elegant. There are many different options available today ranging from standard to speciality finishes that can be applied to the full packaging or to selected spots. Our team of industry experts will help you select the best type of lamination or coating available for your project.


This is the ideal finish for paperboard boxes, although it can be costly compared to other options because of its protective properties, such as moisture protection. If your product has to stay in storage for some time, lamination could be the way to go for your packaging finish.

There are various types of laminations available at Netpak, including the three most popular: gloss, matte and soft touch lamination. The most common gloss lamination offers a clear and lustrous finish to enhance the look of your packaging and intensifies its color. Matte lamination, often chosen over gloss in luxury products, offers a minimalist and elegant look, while soft touch offers all the benefits of matte lamination while giving your packaging a velvety, brushed-hand feel. Learn more about the different types of laminations Netpak offers here.

Aqueous (AQ) Coating

Commonly used as a cost-effective solution, AQ coating is used to protect printed pieces by providing a gloss or matter surface that deters dirt and fingerprints. AQ coating is water-based and food safe, making it the ideal sustainable solution for the food and beverage industry. Netpak’s team of experts is well-versed in the rules and regulations of the food and beverage industry, allowing us to suggest and provide the most cost-effective and best-suited solutions for your packaging. Learn more about Netpak’s highly-coveted certifications here.

Ultraviolet (UV) Coating

Ultraviolet coatings, commonly called UV coating, provides a glossy finish that is often compared to a gloss lamination. Though similar and eco-friendlier, UV coating is not as strong and does not protect your packaging as lamination would. UV is a cost-effective solution and quick to produce if you’re on a budget and in a time crunch.

Varnish & No-Coating

Varnishes can be another option for smaller budgets. It is basically a clear ink available in gloss, satin or matte. Digital printing is great for efficiency, fast turnarounds and lower per unit cost. Meanwhile, when the packaging is mostly used for shipping and transportation, embellishments and expensive coating are typically not required, which results in no coating.

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