Ink-credible options for designing your packaging

Ink-credible options for designing your packaging

When designing the packaging for your product, there are many aspects that need to be considered. One of the main attributes that would make your product stand out is color. But there are different ways to use them. How do we narrow it down? Depending on how you want to brand your product, you have several specialty ink alternatives to choose from to take your packaging to the next level.

Shine bright with metallics

If you’re looking to make an impression with your design, it might take more than your ordinary color palette to do so. Adding a little bling with metallics can do the trick. Metallic inks contain reflective metal particles such as copper or bronze. When the ink dries, the light hits those particles in a way that creates a lustrous sheen to the material. The most common metallics that are used are silver and gold, and you can imagine why. This specialty ink gives a high-end and luxurious finish to your product. It also can be a great substitute for foil stamping because of its cost efficiency. Venture into new design territories and let your creativity take over with this type of ink.

Fluorescents is the new black

When you think vibrancy, you think bold colors. Fluorescents don’t have to be only for highlighters. If you are looking to make a statement and make your packaging pop, consider this fabulous palette of color. Fluorescent ink is made from pigments that absorb ultraviolet energy and release it within the perceptible spectrum. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that these vibrant colors be printed on a black or white background to really have them reach their full colorful potential. To really ensure a pop of color, a double layer of this ink is suggested. So out with the dull colors, in with the bold and the beautiful!

Softness and elegance with pastels

Sometimes simplicity can go a long way. Subtle and delicate colors can reflect a message of calmness and ease. Many companies are opting for this approach when designing their packaging. Pastel colors have made a resurgence with their softer tones such as baby blue, peach, and light mint. It might be slightly trickier to achieve these hues with the standard color palette, but more and more cosmetic brands are choosing this specialty ink option for their packaging. This now trendsetting pantone of colors has become the next fashionable thing, after glitter and unicorns!

No matter what path you take when it comes to choosing your ink, know that there’s a strategy that should be kept in mind. Different colors can make you feel different things as there is a psychology behind every hue (read more about the psychology of colors here). Therefore, choosing what fits best for your brand is crucial. Netpak’s team can help you narrow it down. With their variety of enhanced printing options, such as the metallic inks mentioned above, we are certified to help make your packaging simply ink-credible.

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