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interactive packaging: connecting consumer with packaging

The world is getting smarter and so is packaging. Interactivity between the package and the consumer is the next avenue to build the romance between your brand and your customers.

Near Field Communication technology is sparking a lot of hype recently and being brought to the attention of brand owners and consumers alike. NFC technology can significantly enhance the value of packaging by connecting the brand owner and the consumer to the “Internet of Everything”. This is where interactive packaging is leading us to …

This talk organised by the Packaging Consortium and the Canadian Printable Electronics Industry Association will addresse challenges and opportunities in putting in place NFC tags on folding carton for an easy deployment of interactive packaging.


Peter Kallai
President & CEO, Canadian Printable Electronics Industry Association

Jennifer Murtell
Co-founder, NAVY Agency

Thomas Ducellier
Executive Director of the National Research Council Canada’s flagship program on Printable Electronics

Islem Yezza
Sales and Marketing Director, Netpak

Dr. Harry Zervos
Prinicpal Analyst, IDTechEx

Andrew Frost
Innovation Manager, Molson Coors

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CANADA - USA: 1 866 399 8544