Making natural packaging great again

Making natural packaging great again

We’ve all heard the expression “what really matters is invisible to the eyes.” This holds true even when it comes to product packaging. The way you market your brand through your packaging is the first step. With the rising concern for the environment and the growing need for sustainability, the natural approach can make packaging great again. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Shielding your product

No one wants a product that has been exposed to outside contaminants. Packaging forms a wall to help protect the product and also avoid any spoilage. This is particularly important for products that can go bad more quickly or foods with ingredients that have been omitted for health reasons. Whatever the case may be, packaging is a must to protect the product.

  • Increasing durability

Preservative-free is usually the best way to go when it comes to food. Alas, that means that certain products might therefore have a shorter lifespan. That’s where the right packaging can come to the rescue. It can help preserve the product by creating the appropriate atmosphere for it. Each product needs certain conditions in order for it to last on shelf. Luckily, there are packaging options that are now able to mimic the environment a product needs to be in to optimize its shelf life.

  • Brand yourself

The way a package looks on shelf can speak volumes about your brand. Before any sales force or representative, the packaging itself is what the consumer first sees and what creates the initial attraction. Therefore, optimize your packaging so that the brand message is conveyed with just one look. Don’t sell yourself or your brand short!

  • Easy, breezy solutions

We all lead busy lives and are always appreciative of convenience, even when it comes to products we see on the shelf. We can’t deny that we’ve all reached for the product with either tear notches or zipper closures; basically, a package with no extra bells or whistles to figure out. As a consumer, we gravitate towards ease. Therefore, packaging that is a breeze to deal with will most likely be the choice of many customers and what you should aim for when it comes to your brand.

  • Be efficient from start to finish

Time is money as we all know. Making sure that the production portion of the packaging process is operating in an efficient and seamless way is a must. As a brand, ensuring that no waste is generated due to faulty packaging, that resources are available when production begins, and that backorders are avoided as much as possible, are all elements that need to be evaluated. The design and production efficiency of the package go hand in hand.

Netpak can help you create packaging options that take all these criteria into account when designing your natural or organic product package. We ensure that the packaging respects the product’s shelf life by using food-friendly materials.

Therefore, to persuade the consumer of this approach when it comes to product packaging, all these facets are important to the process; it’s only natural.

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