Netpak packaging has received its fourth consecutive certification from the british retail consortium (brc)

Netpak packaging has received its fourth consecutive certification from the british retail consortium (brc)

Netpak received its fourth consecutive from the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Global Standards for Packaging and Packaging Material Issue 5. The BRC Global Standards are widely used worldwide by major retailers and manufacturers in the food and beverage industry (more about BRC at Netpak).

Upon completion of the rigorous auditing process, Netpak received certification for Packaging, with the scope of the certification including the manufacture, conversion and warehousing of folding carton, sleeves and labels intended for use in food contact packaging applications. The BRC Global Standards are well-respected and widely used by suppliers and retailers worldwide, aiding in standardizing quality, safety, operational criteria and manufacturers’ fulfillment of legal obligations. The Packaging and Packaging Materials standard is also recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

“Our QA department has done a fantastic job, supporting sales and production achieve our 25% annual growth without neglecting standards and procedures” said Carlo Cammalleri, Netpak Co-founder. “Having our BRC certificate renewed rewards this tremendous amount of work”.

“In 2013, we were the very first North American packaging printer to achieve the BRC Global Standard certification for packaging and packaging materials. Today Netpak is still the only BRC certified Folding carton manufacturer in Canada and among the only 5 in North America. We are proud to be pioneers and we will continue to improve our processes to better help our customers and partners achieve their business goals” added Salvatore Novello, Netpak Co-founder.

For Islem Yezza, VP Sales & Marketing, the BRC certification is an essential part of what Netpak has to offer. “In our business, trust is fundamental. Since we have been successfully renewing our BRC certification in the last 4 years, major agrifood businesses who wanted to develop their sales overseas have come to us to benefit from our experience with BRC and rely on our very strict procedures to offer the best possible guarantees to their customers all over the world. Working with such demanding standards has also developed a very positive culture within the company” added M. Yezza.

Do not hesitate to contact us (netpak@netpak.com) in order to discuss potential collaboration opportunities, and solutions that we can bring to you. Our certificate is available for download here.