Netpak Packaging: Over $ 2 million Investments in Production Plant

Netpak Packaging: Over $ 2 million Investments in Production Plant

Always on the lookout for the most innovative practices to support the company’s ambitious growth plans, Netpak Packaging has introduced new automated technology and incr

Netpak Packaging, a trailblazer in the packaging industry, continues to set new standards for growth and innovation. In its unwavering commitment to excellence, the company has recently invested over $2 million in its Montreal plant, augmenting its production capacity by over 30% in the finishing department. This strategic move includes the incorporation of cutting-edge automated technology, reinforcing Netpak’s position as a leader in the packaging sector across Canada and the USA.

Carlo Cammalleri, Co-founder of Netpak, emphasizes the company’s steadfast dedication to its partners, especially during the challenges posed by the pandemic. “Netpak has stood strong as an essential business, operating at full capacity throughout the pandemic to serve our valued partners,” affirms Cammalleri. The remarkable efforts of Netpak’s committed workforce have enabled the company to not only weather the pandemic storm but to also consistently surpass its goals.

Rooted in its core values of excellence and ongoing innovation, Netpak has embraced technological advancements to propel its operations forward. The integration of two pivotal pieces of equipment stands as a testament to this commitment. The MasterFold A2 1110, a folder-gluer enhanced with the SpeedWave module, and the Bobst Spanthera 106LER diecutter now adorn Netpak’s production facility. These additions, seamlessly integrated with the company’s ERP, MRP, and WMS systems, bolster Netpak’s prowess in the industry.

Salvatore Novello, Co-founder of Netpak, highlights the fierce competition within the printing and packaging domain. “What distinguishes Netpak is our agility in reaching the market, efficient production timelines, advanced information systems, and meticulous traceability,” explains Novello. The investments in cutting-edge equipment have catapulted Netpak into a leadership role within the folding carton industry, raising the technological bar higher.

The MasterFold A2 1110 boasts a trifecta of virtues: round-the-clock speed, automated precision, and unparalleled quality in straight line boxes. This addition facilitates non-stop production at accelerated rates, underpinned by extensive automation. Notably, the SpeedWave module slashes setup times, enhancing efficiency during style transitions. This strategic acquisition amplifies the production capacity, particularly for hymes bottom style boxes, where the speed more than doubles. The machine’s integration with advanced ERP and HRP systems further optimizes performance and setup times.

Netpak’s forward momentum continues with the imminent addition of the Cartonpack module, an automatic packer seamlessly interwoven with the MasterFold. This integration, coupled with quality checks during production, streamlines the packaging process, significantly enhancing the overall productivity of the folder-gluer line.

In parallel, the Bobst Spanthera 106LER diecutter assumes a pivotal role, offering unmatched flexibility, precision, and profitability. This dynamic machine seamlessly executes cutting, stripping, and blanking in a single swift pass, achieving high speeds without compromising quality. Its integration with ERP and HRP systems fuels efficiency, underscoring Netpak’s commitment to top-tier performance and swift setup times.

Netpak Packaging’s latest investments underscore a pivotal truth: innovation, commitment to excellence, and strategic expansion are the cornerstones of its continued success. As the company propels forward, it solidifies its standing as an industry leader, driving packaging solutions into a new era of technological advancement.

eased its production capacity at its Montreal plant by over 30% in the finishing department through an investment of more than $ 2 million.

“Netpak has remained operational as an essential business and at full capacity throughout the pandemic to serve our strategic partners,” says Carlo Cammalleri, Neptak’s Co-founder. “Throughout the current circumstances surrounding COVID-19, our incredible dedicated employees have stepped up their efforts. It is thanks to them that we are able to make a series of investments and continue to surpass our objectives year after year.”

In line with the company’s core values of excellence and ongoing commitment to innovation, automation and technology, Netpak has added two important pieces of equipment to its production facility : a MasterFold A2 1110 folder-gluer equipped with a SpeedWave module, as well as a Bobst Spanthera 106LER diecutter, fully integrated with our ERP, MRP and WMS.

“The competition in the printing and packaging industry is the fiercest it has ever been. What sets Netpak apart from competitors is our speed-to-market capabilities, efficient production times, information system and traceability. By investing in new equipment, this has allowed Netpak to remain a leader in the folding carton industry and take folding carton to a new advanced technological level,” confirms Salvatore Novello, Netpak’s Co-founder

The MasterFold A2 1110 offers three important properties: round-the-clock speed, automated technology, efficiency, remarkable versatility and exceptional quality of its straight line boxes. This enables non-stop production at increased speeds, as well as a high degree of automation. In addition to its efficiency, the MasterFold is equipped with a SpeedWave module that has allowed Netpak to save a tremendous amount of make-ready or changeover times when needing to set up the machine for other styles of boxes. The addition of this machine has allowed a production capacity increase in the final stages of production, increasingly for hymes bottom style boxes, where the speed is more than doubled. The machine is fully connected and integrated with our ERP and HRP with the most advanced intelligent IMS for more efficient performance and make-ready times.

The company will also be adding the Cartonpack module, an automatic packer, to its machinery portfolio. Featuring an integrated sampler for quality checks without stopping production, this automated line integrates to the MasterFold and automatically fills the shipping boxes with folded and glued cartons to substantially increase the productivity of the folder-gluer line.
The Bobst SPanthera 106LER diecutter offers unparalleled flexibility, precision, ergonomics and profitability. This versatile and powerful diecutter offers cutting, stripping and blanking in one pass at high speeds. Since its installation and integration in the plant, it has allowed Netpak to stay ahead of the competition thanks to its remarkable productivity, simplified operation and superior quality cutting. Offering a high level of automation, the Bobst SPanthera is also fully integrated with our ERP and HRP leading to the most efficient performance and make-ready times.

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