NETPAK Receives 3rd GMI Full Certification Renewal – Walgreens Preferred Printer

NETPAK Receives 3rd GMI Full Certification Renewal –  Walgreens Preferred Printer

NETPAK, a market leader in innovative printing and packaging solutions, and  Quebec’s largest privately held manufacturer of printed folding cartons,  is proud to have its Graphic Measures International Full Certification (GMI) renewed for the third straight time since originally receiving the coveted designation in 2014.

Netpak is proud to be among the first Canadian packaging companies to earn full designation as a Walgreens Certified Print Packaging Supplier.

This designation enables Walgreens private label suppliers to work with Netpak for printed packaging for Walgreens branded products. Furthermore, it underscores Netpak’s ability to adhere to consistent and repeatable colour reproduction standards and techniques that meet the Walgreens’ PQA requirements

NETPAK Receives 3rd GMI Full Certification Renewal - Walgreens Preferred Printer
In addition to relying solely on the trained eye of the colour matcher and printer, Netpak also uses computer software, spectrophotometers, and colour balanced light booths to ensure consistency.(Photo Courtesy of Netpak)

Netpak recently completed a program administered by Graphic Measures International (GMI), an organization that monitors and validates suppliers’ required process controls and ability to meet and deliver consistent results for its vendors. In order to earn this achievement, a series of on-site evaluations was conducted throughout the entire Netpak facility by a GMI auditor, testing against processes and procedures related to colour reproduction and offset lithographic printing standards.

This certification provides recognition that Netpak complies with GMI’s international standards as they evaluate the following key criteria: Process Control and Documentation; Training Procedures; Equipment Maintenance and Performance, as well as Operator Capability. The audit also assesses four key areas of manufacturing: Pre-press, Plate Making, Printing Press, and Post Press.

As a printing and packaging leader, Netpak is proud to demonstrate the highest levels of reliability, quality and consistency associated to their production. Do not hesitate to contact us (sales@netpak.com) in order to discuss  potential collaboration opportunities, and solutions that we can bring to your business.


About Graphic Measures International:

As a global leader in packaging quality services, GMI certifies, monitors and measures the performance of designated packaging suppliers—a process that holds them accountable to established brand owner standards. GMI helps control the variables and ensure brand integrity through printer certification, production run sample measurement and in-store packaging assessments.


For over 15 years, Netpak brings together business resources and technical expertise to better understand packaging challenges and delivers customized, turnkey folding carton packaging solutions to a wide range of markets including Pharmaceuticals, Health and Beauty, Food, Beverage, and Tobacco. The company focuses on service to help continuously improve efficiencies related to supply chain, speed-to-market, lean initiatives and product launches.

For more information, visit netpak.com or contact us at sales@netpak.com