Netpak receives gmi full certification

Netpak receives gmi full certification

Montreal (CA), Sept. 19, 2014 – NETPAK is proud to be among the first Canadian printing and packaging manufacturer to earn Full Certification* from GRAPHIC MEASURES INTERNATIONAL (GMI). The GMI Full Certification in printing guarantees to our customers our overall control of color management, from proof to print, in order to consistently deliver high-quality results. The audit assesses five key aspects to ensure that we meet GMI standards, including:
GMI full certification scope
Netpak receives gmi full certification

  • Operator skills
  • Training procedures
  • Equipment performance
  • Maintenance


Our commitment:

At NETPAK, we make a point of remaining tuned to industry needs and to offer our brand of contribution to our customers’ value chain. The GMI Full Certification guarantees that the final packaging will meet the highest standards of quality, thereby safeguarding the brand integrity. We guarantee more efficient production processes that lend cost savings, minimize the environmental footprint and maximize the impact of packaging intended for consumers. Here a copy of our GMI certificate For details, visit Graphic Measures Internation (GMI).   *Full GMI certification as a printer for Walgreens