BRC® Certification: Netpak receives its sixth consecutive designation

BRC® Certification: Netpak receives its sixth consecutive designation

Netpak is proud to announce it has obtained its sixth consecutive BRC® “GRADE AA” certification by GFSI®.

Netpak’s commitment to our customers and continuous process improvement is at the heart of our core values. Being the first North American printer to be accredited with the highly coveted BRC® certification is among one of our many industry achievements and a true testament to our outstanding performance and quality.

What is the BRC® certification?

Setting the standard in the food industry, the British Retail Consortium (BRC®) is a globally recognized organization that establishes a series of standards to help companies be compliant with food safety laws at all levels of the supply chain. Many food manufacturers are now requiring their suppliers to implement rigorous quality control programs and obtain highly-recognized certifications.

The BRC® Global Standards programme is fully approved by the Global Food Standard Initiative (GFSI®) and has become a benchmark in for best practice in the food and beverage industry. Being BRC® certified allows Netpak to validate our production process with the highest standards of quality, safety and traceability in the industry.

What is the BRC® certification process?

Receiving the BRC® designation requires an extremely thorough auditing process, conducted yearly. These formal performance reviews completed at our facility assess the various key components of our production process including our safety and hygiene systems, as well as our control on the manufacturing processes and production line. Risk management systems must be implemented, as well as a rigorous quality control process and upstream and downstream product traceability processes in order to successfully complete the audit and ensure we benchmark against the highest and most demanding standards in the industry.

Years ago, Netpak was among the first in North America to successfully complete the BRC® auditing process and to this day, we have successfully completed this process for the sixth consecutive year.

What does the BRC® certification mean for Netpak?

Obtaining the BRC® designation is of the utmost importance for Netpak. Our customers can rest assured that our facility and packaging solutions meet and achieve the highest levels of the GFSI-recognized certifications for food safety, all while fulfilling their legal obligations and providing protection for the end consumer.

As the industry grows and adds various standards and requirements to meet, Netpak has made a continuous commitment to our customers and our company to maintain these strict standards of quality control, hygiene and food safety. We are proud to be pioneers in the folding carton packaging industry and we will continue to improve our processes to better help our customers and partners achieve their business goals.

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