Plastic Pollution: It’s the Last Straw

Plastic Pollution: It’s the Last Straw

Canada: The True North, Strong and, soon to be, Plastic-Free. It has been announced that by 2021, Canada will ban single use plastics. As the name implies, single-use plastics are defined as “items intended to be used only once before they are thrown away or recycled.” However, this still leaves room for confusion. There remains a grey zone in what constitutes a single use plastic and what items won’t make the cut. We suspect that items like plastic straws, polystyrene, plastic bags, cutlery, takeout containers and plastic bottles, are just a few of the everyday elements that will soon be banned.

Nevertheless, this new injunction will undoubtedly impact the food service industry. Whether it’s at the coffee shop or in a grocery store, plastic and polystyrene have played a large role in most types of businesses. What will the food service landscape look like? For larger food franchises, this will be an easier and more affordable transition, as long as the materials needed are readily available for packaging. However, for smaller business owners, this might be more challenging than expected, especially from a financial standpoint. Even though it’s clear that conversations are still needed regarding this topic, the wheels have already been put in motion for some commercial entities as we move towards more sustainable packaging for products.

Sustainable packaging isn’t a complicated concept to understand, but it’s still complex to execute. There are many factors that come into play as it’s not only about recycling anymore. The complete life cycle of a package is just as important as the end stages. From the raw materials that are used to create a package, to the disposal of it, every step in the process is now evaluated for sustainability. A new wave of eco-innovation, based on a demand for sustainability at both the manufacturer and the consumer level, has forced both brand owners and packaging producers to now think outside the box, quite literally!

At Netpak, our commitment to developing sustainable options from the beginning of the packaging process to the end is ongoing. Every day, we strive to work efficiently, by reducing waste, resources and energy, while still delivering the highest caliber product to our customers. Our efforts have been rewarded as we have received several “Eco-Responsible” certifications, from The Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFIâ) to The Forest Stewardship Council (FSCâ); we keep the wellness of the environment at the heart of what we do and how we do it.

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