Raise your Brand’s Shelf-Esteem

Raise your Brand’s Shelf-Esteem

As a company, sometimes you need to take a step back and look at your current brand. Are you doing enough to ensure customers know who you are? Can you change anything about your current marketing or brand awareness efforts? Well luckily for you, we have brought together five of the best ways to raise your brand’s shelf-esteem that will guide your brand’s growth over the long-term.

Simple and Sleek Packaging

We live in a world where sleek packaging is the answer from today’s marketing  experts. When you are looking to design a package, remember that your consumer needs to be able to recognize your brand, what you are selling, and any pertinent details that might entice them. Skip the fine print and let your product and brand do the selling!

Generic? Skip It!

Generic packaging is something that came into fashion in the 1990’s and here at Netpak, we are ecstatic to see it making its way out of the norm. Your packaging design is one of the ways that you can speak to your clients, and generic packaging does little to nothing for your brand or your product. Your brand needs to be recognized, and one of the best ways to do this is through smart and yet stylish custom packaging. Our team of industry experts specialise in developing custom cartons that can ensure your packaging stands out from the competition. So, Let the no name food brands keep to the generic labels and cartons, and instead, focus on a sleek and innovative design that will attract customers, not bore them.

At Netpak, our clients work with a team of like-minded experts who share a common passion for packaging and provide guidance from the conceptual and prototype stages, all the way down to the finished product. We understand how design can play a vital role in helping you stand out from the crowd and provide your brand with a competitive edge. We also offer an array of enhanced printing options to turn your folding carton into a visual masterpiece.

Relevancy is Important

When you are looking to ensure your brand will be able to fly off the shelves, you have to ensure your cartons are relevant. Your brand is designed to attract a certain buyer, and if you are out of touch with your base, your brand will struggle. Naturally, you will need to design your carton to match the expectations of your consumer, and this might take some work. There are a ton of options out there, and the team at Netpak can certainly help get your carton to where it needs to be in terms of design, board type and of course printing enhancements that can add a touch of luxury, sophistication and greater perceived value for your product.

Consider your Colors

This might seem a little crazy, but colors often influence a buyer’s decision, and can even affect their mood! Considering this, if you are selling a product that is used in a happy time, make sure to match that joy with colorful and bright colors. Colors can affect a decision at the shelf, and when done properly, will ensure your brand and product are correctly matched with how you want your consumer feeling when they use your product. Netpak is GMI certified, so matching colors and ensuring consistency in your packaging using our state of the art technology is something we are seriously passionate about.

If you are looking at revamping your packaging, the team at Netpak would love to have a chat! Reach out to one of our reps today and see how we can help breathe new life into your brand packaging through our custom printed cartons.

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