Soft-Touch Coating vs Soft-Touch Lamination

Soft-Touch Coating vs Soft-Touch Lamination

It’s no secret that branding is paramount in today’s business world, and the image you project to the world is key. Consumer packaging companies emphasize visual, tactile and various other sensory elements in their packaging design to maximize allure and ensure a strong engagement between brand and consumer. The finish you choose for your folding carton packaging can make it that much more unique.

A soft-touch finish has become popular in the printing and packaging industry and taken the lead over other types of finishes, as it improves the exterior appearance of your carton. This finish, when applied, creates a velvety texture that is “soft” to the touch.

Industries, especial in retail and luxury, use this option as it offers a drastic impact on quality and perceived value of the final product. However, there are variations between a soft-touch coating and soft-touch lamination. Read on below to learn more about the two options.

Soft-touch Coating

Soft-touch coating is achieved in-line during the printing process and offers quick drying times. This type of coating will not alter the coloration or quality of your finished product. It is the more-cost effective alternative to the soft-touch lamination. It is a great option for clients seeking a soft look and feel that is fingerprint resistant, all while being resistant to yellowing and offering different options in surface thickness.

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Soft-touch Lamination

The soft-touch lamination process uses a laminate plastic film that is bonded on top of the printed paperboard. While creating a barrier that is fingerprint resistant, this type of coating will generally mute and add a level of sophistication to darker colors with a fingerprint resistant finish. A laminate is costlier than the coating option; however, it provides added durability and strength to your packaging, whereas the coating does not.

Soft-touch lamination is more resistant to scuffs and scratches, which makes it useful in shipping. It will provide you with a softer look and is resistant to fingerprints smudges and changes in colors over time, which is helpful if your product is meant to be kept in storage for a period of time.

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