Solid bleached sulphate (sbs) vs folding box board (fbb)

Solid bleached sulphate (sbs) vs folding box board (fbb)

Packaging Board grade

Solid Bleached Sulphate (SBS)

SBSSolid Bleached Sulphate (SBS) is made exclusively from bleached chemical pulp. It usually has a coated top surface and some grades are also coated on the reverse side. This is a medium density board with printing properties that meet the high requirements of graphical and packaging products. SBS can be die cut, creased, hot foil stamped and embossed with ease. It therefore gives wide scope for advanced structural and surface designs. It is pure and hygienic and is therefore suitable for the packaging of aroma and flavour sensitive products.

The surface brightness is 90 % ISO – top surface roughness is less than 1.2 microns PPS – Hunter Gloss of top surface more than 75 %

SBS– Available in 200 to 600 GSM – Suitable for all types of Printing Process – Considered as premium grades for packaging and graphical purposes – Suitable for packing aroma and flavor sensitive products – In general SBS are superior when purity good appearance and runnability of the packaging material are required.

Folding Box Board (FBB)

FBBFolding box board is a multi-ply board. A layer, or layers, made of mechanical pulp is placed between layers of chemical pulp. Mechanical pulp may be stone-ground wood (GW), pressurized ground wood (PGW), thermo mechanical pulp (TMP) or chemi thermo mechanical pulp (CTMP). The top layer is bleached chemical pulp and the reverse layer may be bleached or unbleached chemical pulp. The top and reverse side may be coated with mineral pigments.

The combination of inner layers of mechanical pulp with outer layers of chemical pulp creates a strong and stiff sheet, taking advantage of the well-known I-beam phenomenon in physics. This is a low density material with high stiffness. Fully coated grades give excellent printing and visual impact. This is a virgin fibre paperboard with consistent purity for product safety.

The basis weight ranges from 200 to 450 GSM – Ideal for Food packaging, cigarettes cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and graphical applications.

FoldabilitySource: Iggesund Paperboard, Metsa Board

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