The 3 Levels of Product Packaging: Functions and Importance

The 3 Levels of Product Packaging: Functions and Importance

In today’s world, packaging is vital to the success of many products. It has often been described as the “silent salesman”. Some consumers use product packaging as a tool to gauge the. Perceived value and quality of the product. In our industry, we refer to packaging in three distinct levels, each of which affect how the saleable product is packed and shipped, as well as the actual look and feel of the packaging.

Primary Packaging

Primary packaging, commonly referred to as consumer or retail packaging, is the box that is in direct contact with your product. The primary packaging is used to protect the product and inform your customer of its uses and other valid details. The type of primary packaging used depends on the type of product you are selling. In the food industry, your primary packaging might be your actual beverage bottle or it could be the pasta box that comes into immediate contact with the pasta itself.

In the food and beverage market, food safety is of critical importance, especially when your primary packaging is in direct contact with food. For this reason, food and beverage packaging is required to meet certain legal obligations to protect consumers and even safeguard your brand. Netpak is  proud to be the first fully BRC® “GRADE A” / IoP Issue 5-certified by GFSI® packaging company in North America. The BRC certification establishes a series of standards that demands a high level of compliance and is internationally recognized as a mark of quality, safety and responsibility in the food and beverage market. Learn more about Netpak’s numerous certifications and accreditations here.

Secondary Packaging

Secondary packaging, similar to primary packaging, has various uses depending on the product. This level of packaging can be the shipping box that is used to contain your primary packaging, but it can also be your retail or consumer-facing packaging. This can get a little confusing, right? Here’s an example: you’re walking down the health and beauty aisle in your local pharmacy. What do you see? Tons and tons of skincare options! You reach out and grab your favourite skin care product off the shelf. Does it come in a 50ml jar packaged and secured in a beautiful box? Or is it a tube packaged in a unique-looking printed carton box?

In this case, the secondary packaging is consumer facing. It becomes more important than ever to find an innovative packaging solution to help your branding efforts and even more so differentiate yourself from the fierce competition in today’s marketplace. What could you possibly do to make your skin care product eye-catching and stand out from the next product on the shelf? The answer is easy: enhanced printing! Print your logo in hot stamp or use a UV high gloss coating to create a unique texture and effect. Let the team of experts at Netpak educate you on our enhanced printing options and how we can help make your packaging stand out from its competition.

Tertiary Packaging

Tertiary packaging is generally the shipping box used to protect the secondary packaging. Warehouses use tertiary packaging to protect and transport goods. A type of tertiary packaging includes shrink wrapped boxes on pallets or the shipping box containing your printed carton. A box within a box, some may say! Netpak offers warehousing options with co-packaging and logistics management for ultimate flexibility for your project. Our team of shipping and logistics experts is fully equipped to ship your project and ensure that the shipment arrives to its final destination on time, every time.

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