The Die Cutting Process in Packaging

The Die Cutting Process in Packaging

Do you know what die cutting is? Rest assured, you’re not alone. Die cutting is a technical process most commonly used in folding carton packaging production. Apart from industry experts, not many people understand the term. This article, inspired by one of Netpak’s expert die makers, dives into the die cutting process and what exactly this term means.

What is a die?

The Die Cutting Process in Packaging

To understand die cutting, you need to understand what a die is! A die is a type of “mold”, a piece of metal that is made to take on a special shape and is used to cut paperboard when creating custom packaging. Dies are shaped in the specific way needed to cut out custom shapes and allow for great creativity. You can read more about the versatility and creativity folding carton offers here.

To form a die into the specific shape needed, we need tools and die makers. Once the actual die is made, it is mounted into a press for the die cutting processes.

The Die Cutting Process

The Die Cutting Process in PackagingAt this stage, a dieline is required to proceed with the cutting process. A dieline is a two-dimensional flat drawing of your box. Luckily for you, Netpak offers our clients graphic and prepress services to assist in the creation of the dieline for the custom packaging you have designed. Our experts will help you adjust the dieline in order to maximize the use of paperboard and reduce excess material waste. You can read more about our environmental certifications and about our sustainability values here.

Once the dieline is created and adjusted, we start the die cutting process for the first batch of product packaging.

Can a die be used more than once?

The Die Cutting Process in Packaging

Absolutely! Once a die is created, it can be used multiple times on the press. In the long run, it will reduce your costs since you will only have to pay once to create the die that will be reusedwhenever needed after the first press run.

Die cutting is very useful in creating unique and custom packaging. We can create a die in the specific shape needed to cut out paperboard for the packaging that will complement, as well as feature your product and your brand. Your packaging then becomes an important part of your marketing strategy and a way to put forward your product and build your brand.

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