The right finish is just the beginning: Polycoated paperboard

The right finish is just the beginning: Polycoated paperboard

The aesthetics of your packaging is what can set your product apart from competing brands on the shelf. But it’s not only about the appearance of a box. The durability and strength are just as crucial. So, what’s the best way to incorporate these specifications?

As you might already know, paperboard is a thicker type of paper usually used when a sturdier type of packaging is needed. With polycoated paperboard, you can take things one step further. Aside from the attractiveness of the package, the polyethylene coating also protects against any liquid spillage such as water or oil for example. A shiny coating is applied on either side, which gives the package and design a special touch. This type of paper then becomes useful in different industries.

The foodservice industry is the perfect example of the type of business that utilizes this material when it comes to their packaging. From pie boxes to your favorite local take-out food chain, chances are you’ve seen polycoated paper being used. For oily components, this reduces the chance of leakage through the paperboard. Why go through all this hassle you might ask? In fact, this coated paperboard almost acts as insulation. This waxy and shiny layer of coating helps preserve your food by locking in the moisture it contains and not letting it seep out. This prevents the food from therefore drying out.

It’s not simply the food industry that benefits from this but also certain industrial products. As you can imagine, certain heavy-duty materials such as steel or wood need a packaging material that has strength and durability. This why a coated paperboard would do the trick. It can be coated on one side or both. Even in the shipping industry, a sturdier type of packaging is needed. No matter what industry you are in, there are several types of polycoated paperboard that can be used, where polyethylene can be applied on one or both sides. Whatever the case may be, this type of material is not only gives a nice finish to the final package, but also protects the product.

At Netpak, we believe in delivering the highest quality product for your product and brand. This is why we are proud to have an array of certifications under our belt that guarantee safety and reputation. Whether you are in the food industry or simply looking for a long-lasting packaging solution, these seals of approval make Netpak your go to choice for all your packaging needs.

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