Three Reasons to go Custom when it comes to Electronics Packaging

Three Reasons to go Custom when it comes to Electronics Packaging

The consumer electronics industry can sometimes be a hard nut to crack. With the size of the industry surging so dramatically over the last few years, there are hundreds of software and electronic choices. How do you differentiate your brand from other gadgets and electronics in the industry? How do you distinguish your product on the shelf from some of the other big names? The answer is easy: custom packaging! Luckily for you, Netpak is here to help you find innovative ways to package your electronics product. Here are three key reasons to go custom with your electronics packaging.

Branding is Key

Are you looking to secure a healthy future for your next generation electronics product? If so, you will quickly discover that branding is the main driver of success. Naturally, you will need effective online branding if you are looking to break into the market, but your physical branding at the store level is what will ensure long-term success. The simplest way to brand is to package your electronics in a carton box featuring a smart, eye-catching style that will distinguish your product from your competitor’s product. The amount of customization you can achieve with carton boxes is only limited by your imagination. You cannot underestimate the power that a custom carton from Netpak can have on your branding success.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

One of the great aspects of custom folding carton packaging is the ability to achieve any size and shape you can think of! Custom electronics packaging typically provides a better fit for your product as you can design it to fit any product size and shape. Not all boxes are “one size fits all”. Customizing the size and shape for your box will translate to less excess material waste, which is very beneficial, eco-friendly and cost effective. In a world where sustainability-focused options are becoming more important, Netpak’s eco-responsible certifications will allow our experts to help you customize your packaging solutions to be sustainable and cost-efficient. Learn more about Netpak’s eco-friendly certifications here.

The unboxing experience

Have you heard about the unboxing trend? In today’s day and age, the unboxing trend has skyrocketed. People even enjoy watching videos on social media of other people unboxing electronics. Imagine your electronics product packaging in a sleek-looking custom carton packaging, fully personalized with images, your logo, colours and the messages of your choice. Think about the incredible unboxing experience a custom carton can bring. Netpak offers many enhanced printing options to transform your product into a visual masterpiece. Create a multi-sensory unboxing experience with printing enhancement options such as embossing, UV high gloss coating and hot stamping.

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