UV coating: The touch that makes your folding carton shine

UV coating: The touch that makes your folding carton shine

The finishing touch on your packaging project can make the whole difference in its success and overall aesthetics. Coatings not only protect your final product, but also gives it a higher-end and refined appearance. How do coatings actually work? Are there several types to choose from? Let’s take a closer look.

What is UV coating?

UV coating begins with the application of a wet compound on top of paper that is then dried by using ultraviolet light. Generally, any type of paperboard can have a UV coating applied to it! However, usually this technique works best with thicker paper. That’s what makes it ideal for packaging, especially in folding carton applications. You can even take it up a notch and customize the extent of reflectivity of your final packaging.

UV coating your marketing packaging initiatives can be very beneficial. As previously mentioned, the main reason for opting for this packaging technique is the aesthetics it brings to the table. It enriches your design and enhances the colors used. This leads to increased customer satisfaction as the packaging will have such a high-end look to it. Moreover, the process of UV coating also protects your packaging, and allows it to last longer. Now that’s a true return on investment!

UV coating is not a one trick pony. There are several types to choose from depending on the look you wish to accomplish. Two of the main ones we will be focusing on are Gloss UV coating and Matte Coating.

Gloss UV Coating

Just like the name suggests, gloss UV is all about the shine. If you are looking for packaging with a lot of sheen, this would be the option to go with. A word of warning however: make sure everything is still legible on the package and avoid over-glossing. This defeats the purpose of the process.

Matte UV Coating

Matte coating on the other hand is a satin finish that allows colors to look more vibrant and doesn’t leave fingerprints. Synonymous with elegance and luxury, this type of finish can be used in certain areas of the design to make them stand out from the rest.

No matter which type you use, if you are looking for a high-end look to your packaging, you can’t go wrong with UV coating. At Netpak, we have a variety of enhanced printing options to choose from for your packaging to make every project stand out more than you thought possible.

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