What are Finishing Services?

What are Finishing Services?

Finishing services are applied at the final stages of the packaging process to ensure that the final result is consistent and perfect. That is, both from the completed project and customer service perspectives!

In short, finishing services are provided on printed folding carton packaging materials after they are done printing. This may include, but is not limited to, decorative additions and processes such as embossing or laminating, gluing, folding, stripping and cutting.

Netpak a wide range of finishing services from die cutting to gluing and folding, stripping and cutting. We also offer different types of lamination to make sure the final product packaging is consistent with your design and requirements. Read more about our finishing services and enhanced printing here.

Die cutting

What are Finishing Services?

Die cutting is the process used to cut out your packaging. Imagine your package is hexagonal; a cutting machine needs a form to cut out your packaging into that hexagonal shape! Die cutting cuts clean, sharp lines with consistent edges. The form that is used to cut and shape is called a die. It is a piece of metal that is used to cut out a shape from a material, which in our case is paperboard. In turn, die cutting means cutting with a die. Netpak’s experts in dies and die cutting will help adjust your dieline (a two-dimensional drawing of your packaging) in order to get the most per imposition and reduce excess material waste to a minimum.

Folding, stripping and cutting

What are Finishing Services?

Self-explanatory and probably the most fun part of the finishing process! Paperboard is folded, stripped and cut. Netpak’s state-of-the-art technology enables us to work at a fast pace and allows us to offer quick lead times with a rapid and efficient production process amongst the quickest in the industry.


An integral part of the finishing stage is gluing. It’s what helps hold your box together! Our production process uses glues that are water-based and odorless to adhere to the most stringent of standards in sustainability and in food-contact packaging. Read more about our certifications and sustainability efforts here.

What are Finishing Services?Lamination

Netpak also offers the possibility to finish your product packaging with lamination. Lamination is a process that bonds a plastic film to a printed paperboard. It is used to improve the appearance of packaging, but also for protection. Depending on the type of lamination selected for your folding carton packaging, the transparent film provides protection from wear and tear, and sometimes even spills! It helps intensify colors and helps differentiate your product from its competition on the shelf. Read more about the different types of lamination, such as gloss, matte and soft-touch here.

Netpak is your expert in finishing services and we’ll make sure that the final result will be as you imagined, with the promised consistency and the best customer service.

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