Why Packaging Design is Essential to your Company’s Success

Why Packaging Design is Essential to your Company’s Success

Think about when you head to the grocery store, why do you pick out the juice or chips that you did? Do you have brand loyalty, did you have a recommendation or did you like the packaging? Packaging is one of the under-utilized considerations when it comes to marketing. This is why we have brought together some great reflections on how packaging design is essential to your companies success.

Packaging is one of the main ways in which potential clients identify your brand.

Think of the major brands in the world such as Apple, Coca-Cola and Samsung, can you picture what their packages look like? Exactly! Packaging is one of the premier ways in which consumers can identify and engage with your brand through its design, its look and feel! Netpak understands that design is important. Our enhanced printing options offer a way to optimize your creativity and keep your packaging design at the top of its game.

Packaging communicates with clients

The packaging does more than ensure clients can identify your product; it can display the product and even provide clients with instructions of its use. Any time you get a new gizmo or use a household product, the instructions are typically right on the package it came in! This is why Netpak has focuses a large amount of our effort in our design and print studies to ensure our clients can get their message to the client with ease.

Packaging is a differential factor when it comes to competitors

Typically, you are not the only player in your space. Your packaging is one of the many ways you can differentiate yourself from your competitor. This can be through sleek packaging like what American Express does with their packages and cards, or through a more instructional-style package like leading household detergents like Tide. The main point is that through your box, your consumer can start to identify and separate you from your competition, and that is a good thing. Let our team of experts guide you into creating innovative and custom solutions. We are the one-stop shop that can take on even the most demanding of projects.

Packaging is your promotional material

The days of effective mail outs and newspaper ads have started to diminish for many industries, and that is why packaging allows you to market and promote your product with little effort. When the consumer is ready to purchase, the difference between you and a competitor that is side by side on the shelf might be the packaging. Think about a competitive market like microbreweries, the only differentiating factor for the consumer who is not educated in each brewery is the package, and thus small independent breweries spend countless hours building their brand through their packaging, and your company might benefit from this kind of detail. Our focus in smart and clever design is why Netpak has excelled in our space, and we cannot wait to help you.

Packaging should be functional to ensure your product can make it to market

There might be nothing worse than dealing with a broken product due to sub-par packaging. We have seen it in all sectors, and companies that take the extra time to design a function and yet gorgeous packaging can enjoy the benefits of happy customers, and avoid excess returns due to breaks or defects.

Packaging is one of those things that is often forgotten until the last minute, but for the team at Netpak, it is our daily business. If you are looking for the next great carton or cardboard package, let’s chat and see what our team can create so that your company can succeed both online and in-store with design-conscious, smart and most-of-all, functional packaging.

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