Why Supermarkets Prefer Folding Carton Packaging

Why Supermarkets Prefer Folding Carton Packaging

The days where your local milkman dropped off your weekly dose of dairy or the local mom and pop shop was packed with clients grabbing their groceries are long gone. Supermarkets have began dominating the food and beverage market over the last few decades, and for companies who are looking to break into the likes of the big players in the grocery world such as Loblaws, Walmart and Whole Foods, folding carton packaging is one of the easiest ways to adhere to company standards across the grocery industry.

Folding Carton Travels Well

Made from optimum paperboard that is sturdy and durable, the folding carton packaging option provides adequate protection for your food product, rendering it it ideal for shipping. As a consumer, you definitely don’t want to purchase a damaged product, let alone food items that are in a damaged box! As a retailer, imagine shipping your product to Walmart and your carton packaging didn’t withstand the shipping process? What a retail nightmare!

Our team of paperboard experts know the ins-and -outs of each paperboard type and will help you select the right type for your product. By using materials specifically designed for strength, you can avoid this shipping nightmare and ensure your food carton packaging arrives intact and in one-piece every time.


Food producers know how important it is to find the right packaging for the supermarket shelves. More and more key players in the food industry such as Walmart and Costco are now demanding that their suppliers meet specific Health Canada and FDA requirements or regulations for direct food contact packaging. At Netpak, our team of experts understand these requirements, as well as those imposed by supermarkets meeting the standards of substrate strength, protective coatings, gluing and much more, to keep your packaging intact. Our various high-standard certifications, including the BRC® “GRADE AA” certified by GFSI® recognized in the food industry, have allowed us to work with some of the biggest players in the supermarket world. Find out more about our certifications here.

Ease of stocking

When grocery stores are looking to bring in new products, they need to find a home for them on the shelves. Items packaged in folding carton solutions are simpler to stock as boxes stack well and can be picked up with ease. Think of the cookie boxes and cracker aisles in your local supermarket: have you noticed that folding carton boxes dominate the shelves while brands in bags are relegated to end stands or displays? Stockers can easily get the boxes on the shelf and create attractive displays without the need to deal with balancing awkwardly-shaped products and or unsteady bags. Grocery stores love a simple plug and play model and a folding carton creates this ideal scenario. Let the team at Netpak help you design a folding carton solution that fits your needs and that grocery stores will love.

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